Mt. Baw Baw is a no dog resort. Only dogs entered in the race will be issued a permit to be on mountain. If this is an issue please send us an email and we will work with you to sort out what we can. Dogs without permits will incur a fine, this will be policed by Mt. Baw Baw staff and is out of the hands of anyone to do with the race.

Outside of race times there is going to be a “dog car park” sectioned off, this will be the top car park (Day Park 1 on map) and is closest to all accommodation and the start line. This is where all dogs must remain. There will be room to drop your dogs next to your vehicles and room for a walk and play in the snow on the edge of the car park, but dogs are not permitted anywhere in the resort outside of the race. Water for dogs can be accessed in the toilets at the dog car park.

The terrain for this race is like no other and can be very challenging – please take this in to consideration when choosing your classes. We are working through options for training on the Friday, at this stage it is looking possible but only on a back track not used for the race called Beech trail. You can see it on the map in green running below the car parks.

Dogs will be permitted on the mountain from the morning of Friday the 24th and must leave Mt. Baw Baw by the afternoon of Monday the 27th. Entry to the race covers your Resort entry and parking for this time. It is highly advised that you arrive at Mt. Baw Baw before 3:00pm on the 24th of July as the roads quickly freeze and it is a big climb with a trailer. It is also advised to travel via Moe and South Face Road to Mt. Baw Baw as it is a wider road with better access for trailers and road sick dogs.